Research Officer Jobs In Islamabad

Posted by 8 August, 2013

Research Officer Jobs In Islamabad

Research Officer, Junior Research Officer Jobs In Islamabad

  • Position / Post : Research Officer
  • No of Posts: Not Given
  • Qualification: Graduation In Computer Science
  • Experience: 5 year
  • Apply at : Admin Officer, Post Box # 2855, PC-112, GPO, Islamabad.
  • City of Job : Islamabad
  • Position / Post : Junior Research Officer
  • No of Posts: Not Given
  • Qualification: BE/ BS In CS
  • Experience: Preferable
  • Apply at : Admin Officer, Post Box # 2855, PC-112, GPO, Islamabad.
  • City of Job : Islamabad

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August 10, 2013

All is Well

Posted by Rashid Hussain
August 10, 2013

Ateeq Hussain Bangash
(Mobile) +92 3435215302

Skype id: ateeq.hussain50


Bearing a strong Academic and Professional background with compelling ambition for learning, I seek a challenging career that gives me a chance to prove my technical, intellectual and managerial abilities, polishes my skills and adds to my professional achievements.

 Information Technology
 Software Development
My Vision:
Want to grow in the engineering profession and specialize in the field of communications and digital networks. Interested in picking a job in a congenial environment and want to live up to the expectations of my prospective employer, while achieving professional competence. To be part of organization which changes perspective to success?



Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) Kohat


02/10/2013 to 02/20/2013

(1st MAY 2006 – 30th MAY 2011)

Job Description:
Core Management Competencies:

Web development, web designing, uploading web pages

 Adobe Photoshop CS3
 Dream Weaver
 Flash, Adobe Illustrator
 Microsoft office 2003/2007
 Ms office word 2003,Ms office word 2007
 Ms office excel 2003,Ms office excel 2007
 Ms office access 2003,Ms office access 2007
 Ms office power point 2003,Ms office power point 2007
 Ms office publisher 2003,Ms office publisher 2007
 Ms office outlook 2003, Ms office outlook 2007

 Strategic Planning
 Team Leadership
 Productivity Improvement
 Client Management
 Client needs Analysis
 Quality Control
 New Market Identification
 Staff Training & Development
 Problem Resolution & Troubleshooting
 Project Development & Management

 Product/ Technical Skills:

 Operating Systems:

 Windows XP, 9X & ME

 Windows NT Workstation & Server 4.0

 Windows 2000 Professional & Server

 Novell Netware 4.11

 Linux, Unix

 Hardware:

 Cisco 7500, 7300, 7200, 4000, 3600, 3000 series Routers

 Cisco Switch Module for IBM, Blade switches for Dell, Cisco Nexus 7000, 5000 series

 Hubs, Laptops, workstations & servers(IBM, Dell, Compaq, HP, Toshiba)

 SCSI, Modems, Network Cards, Memory

 Printers, Plotters, Scanner and other peripherals.

 Software:

 Exchange Server 7.0(2007)

 Citrix Client & Server, Windows Terminal Server

 MS Proxy Server

 Cisco IOS, Seagate Backup Execution

 McAfee, Norton, PC Anywhere

 MS Office Suite, SharePoint Server

 Networks/Protocols:

 Local Area Network/Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN)

 Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

 Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequence Packet Exchange (IPX/SPX)

 NWLINK, client/Server Services on Netware

 Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)

 Domain Name System (DNS)

 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

 Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3)

 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

 File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

 Telecommunication Network (TELNET)

 Virtual Private Network (VPN)

 Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP)

 Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)

 Ethernet.

Job Description:
Network Administrator

Core Management Competencies:

• Managing day-to-day operations and supervising Technology Department staff

• Delivering value to an organization through Information Technology

• Leading Strategic Planning and aligning IT with Business Mission, Goals and Objectives

• Planning, implementing and supporting Data, Voice and Video Systems

• Implementing Quality Management Systems to an organization’s IT operations

• Improving productivity and reducing costs

• Developing and delivering effective Professional Development

• Managing projects

• Building effective vendor relations

• Delivering quality presentations

• Leading advisory groups

Product Skills:
• Active Directory(Data Access)
• Virtual Private Network(VPN)
• Image Software Installation(OS Installation)
• IP Protocols (IP Telecom)
• LAN/WAN (cabling)
• Windows NT(Microsoft Operating System)
• Databases( Oracle PL/SQL, VB)
• Microsoft Technologies(, C, C++, ODBC, PHP,
• E-Commerce ( HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript)

Business Skills

• Accountancy(Finance)
• Information Technology(Business skills)
• Hardware Installation(IT Management)
• Problem Management(Management)
• Presentation Skills(Sales)


• Support Engineer(Technical Support)
• Network Administrator(System and Network Engineer)
• Network Support(System and Network Engineer)
• Administration Assistant(Management)
• Analyst/Consultant(Telecommunication)

(Sep 1st 2001 – 1st February 2003)

Designation: Computer lecturer and IT instructor
Job Description:
• Managing IT related issues.
• Liaison regarding IT equipment.
• Managing Networking.
• Policies implementation at organization.

Academic Qualifications

MSc in Computer Sciences Result Awaiting
BSc in Computer Sciences. Session: 1999-2001

Institute: University of Peshawar.

Personal Data

Name: Ateeq Hussain Bangash
Father Name: Naseer Hussain
Gender: Male
Status: Single
Religion: Islam
N.I.C No: 17301-1031997-7
Domicile: Kohat
Nationality: Pakistani
Residence: Peshawar
Phone no: 03435215302


Dependable reading, writing and speaking skills in the following languages
- English - Urdu - Pashto


Iftikhar Hussain

Director in Agriculture


Posted by ateeq
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