Asifa Bhutto white marks or spots on her face

Asifa Bhutto Zardari white marks or spots on her face is the question mark for most of the Pakistani’s. Are Asifa Bhutto white marks or spots on her face are incurable ? If anyone knows than please write in comments section. Doctors please comment what disease in infecting Asifa Bhutto.

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14 thoughts on “Asifa Bhutto white marks or spots on her face

  1. Shahid Saleem

    Hello Sir n i have a 2 diffrent’s think Asifa Bhutto white marks or spots on her face.
    (01) Is a Chromosomal Disorder. during her development in his mother placenta &,
    (02) Is Moon Garahan “OR” Sun Garahan effents. Ok Sir.

    thanks n regard.

  2. sundas gul

    i have the same problem n ive got the same face like her .i mean she can cure it cuz isk balon taq abhi nahi puhuncha . ye agar lazer surgery se nahi to body ki skin surgery se theek ho jata he like michel jakson but its veeeeeeeeery expensive ! best ov luck nd reply:)

  3. Ahsan

    Asifa Bhutto white marks or spots on her face (Correlation Vitiligo)so we want treatment to Miss Asifa disease.we have it’s treatment in homeopathy medicine
    pleas contact us 03006731774

  4. ajay malik

    patanjali yogpeeth , district haridwar, state uttrakhand , india … i have seen with my own eyes people becoming cured out of this skin deseased… if u want help ,i ll go there with you…my contact no is 919896435552… my name is ajay malik…

  5. khawar ali

    i think it is not posible bcoz i was under 9 year in this deases and the pegment waz not coming back.and many of doctor were treate my deasese but vitiligo waz not gone

  6. dr amir

    is it so important to discuss white marks of asifa.its just vitiligo that happened to micheal jackson and is quite common.itspathetic to discuss poor girl face marks.grow up nation

  7. wagma

    salam to all brothers an sisters.asfa je ki ye bimari ki naam pace hay.aur ek aisa lotion hay jo ki us ko lagani se sari skin aik jisa hota hay.mean white.aur ye kya net ko intrestting banay ki liye kisi ki bimari ko is tahraa….kuch aur kari .wagma from afghanistan

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