Atrium 3D cinema Karachi Address and Location

Atrium 3D cinema Karachi is the first 3D digital cinema in Pakistan and following is the address of  Atrium 3D cinema Karachi

Entrance from Raja Ghazanfer Ali Road,

Behind Avari Towers, 3rd Floor,

Atrium Mall
Karachi, Pakistan
Atrium cinema Logo

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14 thoughts on “Atrium 3D cinema Karachi Address and Location

  1. Assad

    Dear sir/madam,
    I wanted to visit to the cinema, but wanted to know that which movie is currently running and till when will the movie go on in Atrium Cinema and what is the ticket price.


  2. Assad

    Also please if the cinema makes its own website and lets the viewers know about movies that will be shown… then that would be very beneficial…
    Also if tickets are bought online then that will be more appropriate.

  3. nasir

    i lived in sargodha punjab.can i see film alone without ladies conditioning by your policy.i,m coming karachi tell me please .and rate of tickets 3d film.

  4. taiba

    i request the cinema to pls have its own official website so that we could see the timming schedule and could book our tickets online as the number provided ( 111287486) is not been attended by anyone .i would rellly appreciate this help from u…

  5. waka waka

    plz tell me about the rates of bol movie and we want to see in3d cinema atrium plz tell me the exact location and timings ok thanks i would be very greatful to u ok ca.

  6. simon gill

    your cinema i see one movie don 2 fantastic movie next time i am again come for you movie

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