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Rain of moderate intensity came in Karachi

RAIN IN KARACHIRain of moderate intensity came in Karachi. There was a steady rain Monday turned a pleasant climate, people breathed a sigh of relief. The reports of the various districts of the city, including the airport, Malir, Landhi, Gadap, Gulshan Iqbal Electronics, Gul Berger, New Karachi, Orangi, Baldia Saddar Liaquatabad moderate rain. Off electricity in many areas. Rainwater to accumulate in low areas, causing traffic problems.

Sindh CNG stations shut down for 24 hours

Cng stationsSindh CNG stations shut down for 24 hours. All CNG stations throughout the province of Sindh in Karachi will remain closed for 24 hours from 8:00 am today (Thursday), Geo News reported. CNG stations according to the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) will close 24 hours depending on the level of load management to reopen after 8:00 am (Friday).

Block road creates problems for residents in Karachi

blocksBlock road creates problems for residents in Karachi. In different parts of the urban road blockade created a huge problem, and enforcement of the law and the police took no measure to facilitate public. Three blocked University Avenue, saw the animal park, near Hassan Square and the road prison. Met a lot of inconvenience to drivers and passengers, due to road closures. In some regions, even if the ambulance card.

Police and Rangers is there, but it is not to convince protesters blocked roads, and they asked the driver to return. People are forced to use alternative routes long to reach their destination. Highway and road was also blocked.

According to sources, several roads in the city are blocked due to protests taking place in sectarian killings, more than 100 people were killed in Quetta (Thursday).

Demonstrations in several ways, passengers are facing serious difficulties in Korangi, Orangi Town, Malir Gulshan ËËJauhar, Natha Khan , Rizvia Company, Steel City, and began door area roads are blocked.

The Shahrae Faisal University Avenue, Shahrae Pakistan, Shahrae Quaideen, Las Bela (Lasbela), MA Jinnahy Road, and several other major roads because traffic was interrupted sit. Schools across the city in the closed state exam today also cancel scheduled for today at the University of Karachi Intermediate Board.

The Karachi Transport announced unidad road maintenance transit traffic is thin payments due on the road, and stations remain closed. The mobile service is suspended for more than 12 hours, and the rear seat riding is prohibited indefinitely.

The Pakistan Bar Association, lawyers Sindh High Court, the Court Municipal Court of Appeal also Malir boycotted the meeting today to express our solidarity with the protesters in Quetta.

Note that more than 80 people, including three staff members of the media, police and rescue nine more have lost their lives while covering the back-to-back suicide bombings Alamdar road Quetta.

Relatives of the deceased during the last four days, protest, Alamdar road, urging the government to restore the Army issues. Qayyum Chengezi Yakjeehti Hazara announced the end of the long 4-day sit-in here after the implementation of the Governor in Balochsitan rule by the Prime Minister. After the announcement, protests across the country is nearing its end, the source told reporters.

President Asif Ali Zardari has signed the summary of the rule imposing Governor of Balochistan.

CNG shut down for 2 days in Sindh from November

cng stationCNG shut down for 2 days in Sindh from November.  Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) is studied by observing the holiday week two days compressed natural gas (CNG) stations in the province of Sindh from the recommendations in November and days without strict constraint CNG industry.

SSGC has prepared the management plan gas load, he raised 300 MMF to the gas shortage next winter CNG stations have been closed for two days instead of one day per week, in accordance with existing policy. Insiders prohibit the use of CNG for one day a week. The program will give a definite form in the week.

Prices of flour & sugar inflated in Sindh

sugar & flourPrices of flour & sugar inflated in Sindh. The price of flour in the province of Sindh has gradually RS3 by one kilogram increase since June, to this day, while the price of sugar has also appeared on the market to enhance the lives of consumers Hiking Geo News reported.

Sindh Flour Processing Association, said a 100 kg sack of wheat prices peaked RS3000, 50 kg bag of flour price increase of Rs1660 Rs1620.

On the other hand, the food industry, according to the same sources, he decided to sell their government quota mill wheat flour Rs2850, 100 kg per package challans issued October 3, factory owners and increase the supply of reserves to stabilize the government’s wheat prices seen.

Experts said that the Government of wheat selling prices have increased compared to last year, the federal government about RS350 to 100 kg during the last season, due to the increase in the support price of wheat supply.

In addition, although until the current season provided a lot of sugar, sugar prices in the province of Sindh RS3 works price within three days, causing sugar prices beyond RS50 per kg fat.

Local Government System protested in Sindh today

protest in sindhLocal Government System protested in Sindh today. In some cities in Sindh province continue to protest against parts of the body, and show violent Geo News reported Tuesday. Monday Bachao Committee asked the parties Sindh Nawabshah body system, observed a strike. Angry protesters set fire to the police station from the airport, but one person was killed and six others were wounded, the shootout with the police.

KMT party members continue to protest against the Local Government Ordinance Sindh today observed a strike police and demonstrators clashed with each other in the way Ghareebabad Hospital Sakrand, Press Club Road .

A policeman were wounded and panic enveloped in a shootout in the region after bombing Sakarand tear gas and fired. Criminals set the car on fire Sakarand Road and motorcycles to the police station to the airport.

Other cities, where mass demonstrations, including Khairpur Noshehro Feroz, lawyers boycott courts today’s meeting. The inhabitants of the province of Sindh Local Government (SPLG) Bill through the Shun Tak General Assembly on Monday in an uproar against waiting.

Government Legislative Council members are alienated allies, as opposed to sitting on the bench, staged a protest on the podium for a long time, torn SPLG a copy of the bill, and chanted slogans against.

Bill submitted to the Minister of Justice of Sindh Ayaz President of the Parliament of the former Nisar Soomro Khuhro. 149 members voted in favor of the order, and 18 against.

CNG station in Sindh closed for 24 hours

cng closeCNG station in Sindh closed for 24 hours. Closed from 9:00 in the CNG station at gas stations in Sindh Province, on Thursday morning, 09 hours, last Friday, Geo News reported.

Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) official said Wednesday, a sudden collapse in the field of gas in the Bhit SSGC is facing a severe shortage of natural gas and supply of CNG stations resultantly have been reduced.

“Not in the province of CNG filling stations to supply compressed natural gas, and 24 hours from Thursday morning to Friday morning, the pilot,” he added.

He said the scheduled end stations weekly Saturday morning to Sunday morning, will remain unchanged.

Sindh High Court 7 additional judges took oath

sindh high courtSindh High Court 7 additional judges took oath. Wednesday, the Sindh High Court (SHC) Seven judges sworn in today Geo News reported. SHC final appeal, the Chief Justice Mushir Alam judge under oath.

Judges sworn Justice Syed Muhammad Farooq Shah, Farouk Ali Channa court, Judge Habib Ur – Rehman Sheikh, Aziz judicial Wu Seoul – Rahman, Justice Aftab Ahmed Salahuddin Panhwar, the Department of Justice and judicial Riazat Sahar Ali.

Now, however, there are 24 judges, composed of some of the poorest, 16 seats are still vacant.

After the ceremony, speaking to the media, SHC CJ Mushir Alam said that increasing the number of judges will contribute to more effective monitoring of the situation of peace in the whole country.

He also added that the government must ensure that the police department, court order, transfer and appointment of a fixed time. He told the police to carry out the difficulties of their duties fairly.

Slums provide a haven for criminals, lack of development plans, it is the police that it is difficult to get into other areas, and operate, the CJ said.

$36million loan given to Sindh Government by Asian Development Bank

COAL$36million loan given to Sindh Government by Asian Development Bank.   Asian Development Bank (ADB) loan of $ 3.6 billion to help finance the Sindh province, the coastal community development programs in the development of coastal areas of the province of Sindh Council was briefed on Wednesday.

Response to questions raised by members of the Assembly, Murad Ali Shah, Minister of Finance said that this project will help reduce poverty, improve access to coastal areas of Thatta and Badin districts utilities and the environment.

Another problem, he said, the provincial government also intends to establish a special economic zone in the province to promote agro-industries.

He said the plan, the creation of Special Economic Zone was approved in the city province of Rs3.4 billion U.S. dollars cost. Modular in the first stage of Khairpur has taken on the basis of the implementation of the project, Rs148.95 million U.S. dollars cost, which is made by the Government of Khairpur district.

When asked in the mining region of Thar case open and thrown in the Annual Development Programme (ADP), project requirements, informed by the Minister through a joint venture between Engro and government of Sindh province, the project is from 40: 60 ratio. He said the government is working to develop infrastructure, including roads and airports in the region of Thar.

Discuss low cost home, the finance minister said that government programs reduce poverty through the Council of the League of the construction of district Shikarpur, Kashmore, Kandhkot and Jacob Bard button affordable housing in the 43 villages in 7000. About 5840 houses were built and are building the 526, he said.

He said the cost of each house, 000 RS150, RS100, 000 range. “We have engaged local communities and nongovernmental organizations to nominate worthy people, to build a house,” he said.

The city of Sindh province to improve the plan, he said the government of Sindh and financial support from the Asian Development Bank, and $ 4 million project began. It is designed to improve the infrastructure and municipal utilities, including water supply, wastewater and solid waste management services in the city.

He said the plan was divided into three groups, ie groups of North, Central and Southern. The North Pole include: New Sukkur, Rohri, Khairpur Mirs, Shikarpur and Larkana. Jacobabad and Ghotki is included in the group.

The central cluster include: Shaheed Benazirabad, Sanghar, Naushehroferoz, Moro Shahdadpur, Mirpurkhas, Tando Jam Tando Allahyar. Meanwhile, the southern group will later identification.

When asked if RS21 billion spent 100 million yuan ADP Rs77 in 2010-11, the Minister said: “The size of the ADP to reduce Rs77 billion on account of the great flood of 2010, financial sector has released Rs50.275 billion U.S. dollars, and administrative services can enjoy the end of the fiscal year Rs46.636 100 million yuan.

Police patrolling should increase in city: Qaim Ali Shah

syed qaim ali shahSindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah said that Police patrolling should increase in city. Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah asked the authorities to protect life and property of citizens, Geo News reported. Qaim Ali Shah has asked the Sindh IG and control of dangerous goods Rangers in the city. CM also ordered to continue to strengthen patrols eyes vigil police and Rangers and outlaws to protect lives and property of citizens.