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Because You Have No Idea Why

You Ask Me Why I Cry,
Because You Have No Idea Why
But Its Okay
You Ask Me Why So Long
You Tell Me That Im Wrong,
Because You Have No Idea Why
But Its Okay
If The Angels Cry
Then Why Cant I
The Skies Cry Day And Night
For You Oh Hussain
For You Oh Abbas
For You Oh Zainab
And I Pray To You Ya Rab,
For The Help Of Hussain
For The Bravery Of Abbas
For The Patience Of Zainab
I Ask, I Hope, I Wish To Be With Them
On The Only Important Day
Where Money Doesn’t Count
Where The Poor Can Be Rich
Where The Rich Are The Poor
Where I Prostrate To You Oh Lord
You And Only You
And I Can Proudly Say,
I Cried For Hussain
I Cried For Abbas
I Cried For Zainab
May The Peace Of Allah Be Upon Them
And Those Who Cry For Them
But When You Know Why
And You Ask Me Why Im Sad
That’s When I’ll Get Mad!

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