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New year sms in English messages

New year sms in English language to provide you best and latest new year sms messages collection in English . latest new year messages for those who you love and also for your friends and family

I Love To Lie Down In

I Love To Lie Down In Your Arms & Listen To Your Heart Beats.
It Makes Me Feel That
There Is Someone In This World,

Whose Heart Beats Only For Me,
I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,

Wish U Very Happy New Year 2014..

My Wishes For You

My Wishes For You,

Great Start For JAN,

Love For FEB,

Peace for March,

No Worries for April Fun for May,

Joy for June to Nov,

Happiness For Dec,

Have a Lucky and Wonderful New Year 2014

Express in Words as How Much

Dear Mom & Dad, Though I Don’t Often,
Express in Words as How Much I Love You,

But Today I Want To Thank You for The,
Wonderful Gifts, Your Blessings and Above,

All Showing me the Right way to Make My Life,
More Beautiful.Thank You Very Much.

Happy New Year  Mom & Dad….

Happy Happy New Year

Let the New Year Make you Correct all Your,
Vices and Brush up all Your Virtues as You,

Strive to Put Your Best Foot Forward to Welcome 2014.
Happy Happy New Year.

Thank You For Pushing Me

Thank You For Pushing Me To Do Great Things Which I Thought I Cannot Do,

I Hope To Follow Your Path So That I Can Also Be Called A “Boss” Someday.
Happy New Year 2014.

Thank u for Bringing Me

Mom & Dad….
Thank u for Bringing Me in Your Life
and Always Neglecting My Mistakes & Still
Supporting Me in Whatever i Do. Love You Always.
Happy New Year My Lovely Parent’s.

Morning Brings Hope

Each Moment in a Day Has its own Value,

Morning Brings Hope,

Afternoon Brings Faith,

Evening Brings Love,

Night Brings Rest,

Hope you Will Have All Of Them Everyday.
Happy New Year 2014.

Let All Ur Dreams Be

Oh My Dear, Forget Ur Fear,
Let All Ur Dreams Be Clear,
Never Put Tear, Please Hear,
I Want to Tell One Thing in ur Ear
Wishing u a Very “Happy New Year…

In Every Thing There

In Every Thing There Must Be A Season
A Time To Come And A Time To Go.

I Pray That This New Year Brings
2 You Happiness And Joy Forever And Ever.

Happy New Year 2014…

Off Time Work Time

Good Time Bad Time
Day Time Night Time
Off Time Work Time
Happy Time Sad Time
Naye Saal Main Kisi Bhi Time
Apun Ka Sms Aa Sakta Hai.
Bole To Happy New Year Mamu..

A Friend Asks His Friend

A Friend Asks His Friend For A Cigarette.
His Friend Says,

I Think You Made a New Year Resolution to Quit Smoking.

The Man Says, I am in the Process of Quitting.

Right Now, I am in the Middle of Phase one.

What’s Phase One? I’ve Quit Buying.

Everything Went Smoothly

At a Friend’s Wedding,

Everything Went Smoothly Until It Was Time For The Flower Girl And Her Young Escort To Come Down The Aisle.

The Boy Stopped At Every Pew, Growling at The Guests.

When Asked Afterward Why He Behaved So Badly, He Explained,

“I Was Just Trying To Be A Good Ring Bear.”

Everything You Need

Happy New Year
H ours of Happy Times With Friends And Family
A Abundant Time For Relaxation
P Prosperity
P Plenty of Love When You Need It The Most
Y Youthful Excitement At Life Simple Pleasures
N Nights Of Restful Slumber You Know  Don’t’ Worry Be Happy
E Everything You Need
W Wishing You Love And Light
Y ears And Years Of Good Health
E Enjoyment And Mirth
A Angels To Watch Over You
R Remembrances Of A Happy Years…

Every Man Should Be

Every Man Should Be Born Again
on the first day of January,
Start With a Fresh Page,
Take up One Hole More in the Buckle if
Or Let down One,
According to Circumstances,

On the First of January let Every
Man Gird Himself Once More,
With his Face to the Front,
And Take No Interest in the Things That were and are Past.
Happy New Year

New Year 2014

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║╔╗║╔╗║╔╣╔╩╗╔╝ ♥ NEW YEAR ♥ 2014 !!
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